According to the records from the archives in the large armorial bearings of Johann Siebmacher in a new edition; volume III/11/2, Nuremberg 1901, page 36 - and family owned extracts of church documents.

Our investigations in the relevant heraldic and genealogic reference books in the own archive as well as in the State Archives and Land Archives of Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremberg showed no positive result, whereupon we contacted the most famous heraldist of our time, Prof. Dr. Hanns Jaeger-Sunstenau in Vienna, who furnished us the coat of arms described in detail on the armorial page, together with the following notification:

"Coat of arms of Erich Klindt, also written Klinth, 1696 landscape secretary on the Baltic Island Oesel, 1700-1708 Swedish officer in Pomerania".

Since the ancestors of the family mentioned hereinafter descended from Pomerania, it can be supposed that there is a relationship. The family of Karl-Heinz Klindt frim Trossingen and his direct descendants still bear the coat of arms described in detail on the amorial page. From this aforementioned branch line the eldest known ancestor according to the family-owned extracts of chruch documents is




Klint, born about 1800,

Klint, born about 1800,

further details not known, with wife

n,e Koschintzki, further details not known

In the following generation, the following is registered in chronological line of ancestors:

Karl Friedr. Adam

Karoline Wilhelmine

Ferdinand Hermann

Mathilde Emma Luise




Klindt, born on 5th of April 1834,

Klindt, born on 13th of April 1886,

Klindt, born on 26th of Oktober 1871,

Klindt, born on 13th of August 1865,

Klindt, born on 06th of April 1894,

Klindt, born on 23th Juli 1895,

Klindt, born on 07th of September 1921,

from Klesching, citizen and worker in Klesching, with wife

n,e Dabrunz of Wendisch-Plassow, citizen and housewife,

in Wendisch-Plassow, citizen and woker in Wendisch-Plassow, with wife

n,e Lemke from Karzin, district of Stolp, citizen and housewife,

in Karzin, citizen and farmer and worker in Karzin with wife

n,e Prillwit from Wendisch-Plassow, citizen and housewife,

in Wendisch-Plassow, citizen and knitter in Wendisch-Plassow, after return from captivity citizen in Trossingen, with wife



Klindt, born on 26th of August 1918,

Klindt, born on 08th of Juli 1952,

n,e Berg from Trossingen, citizen and housewife,

from Trossingen, citizen and radio or television technician as well as registered business economist of the craft, with wife


Klindt, born on 17th of Mai 1954,

n,e Hirschfeld from Rottweil, citizen and housewife in Trossingen.


The Klindt family still growths with the children

Robert Michael Klindt, born on 21th of Juli 1972, born in Spaichingen, citizen and IT-Systemsalesman in Trossingen,
Gary Steven Klindt, born on 13th of Juni 1984, zu Rottweil, citizen and schoolboy in Trossingen,

Janine Charley

Klindt, born on 12th of April 1990

zu Rottweil, citizen in Trossingen

in the modern times.