In the coat of arms with or and azure party a colour-inverse bar with two roses shown again colour-inverse.



Three ostrich feathers in the colours azure-or-azure








Symbol: (according to historian Paul Gründel)

The colours or - as first herald metal colour - surpassing the lustre of all other metals - indicates the former lustre of the family. The colour azure - as second herald colour - stands for constancy, veracity and loyality against the superior.

The party coat of arms indicates a splitting of the family (the further branching), but is suggestive of an enduring solidarity, like the different colour partitions are enclosed by a coat. The pales - a sign of steadfastness and strength of character - linke the bars and rafters support the house, the former bearers of the coat of arms were always loyal pillars of the state, standing up for the civilized order and always giving shelter to distressed people.

The rose - named the queen of the flowers - is the symbol for youth and beauty, gracefulness, love and happiness as well as for innocence and generosity but also for secrecy, as the interior of the rose is hidden by numerous leaves.

The helmet is the symbol for honur and reward for unforgettable virtue, and all descendants are obliged to obey this honour.

The ostrich feathers indicate the uprightness and the pride of the bearer of the coat of arms.